Up to community to keep Tipp great

To the Editor:

My children are long past school age, but I firmly believe I still have a responsibility to provide for the school-aged children of this community. Those children are the future of Tipp City. Ensuring that our young people are provided with a great educational foundation to prepare them for success in college, and eventually the workforce, is of the utmost importance.

On March 15 we will have the opportunity to vote for a levy that will build a new preK-3rd grade school on Broadway. This isn’t an issue about appearances; it’s about a real need. The condition of our existing elementary schools, from asbestos and failing plumbing, to outdated security and fire safety systems, is having a negative effect on our students and is holding our children back.

The district has done it’s best to fix the problems at the elementary schools, but there comes a time when it makes more sense to admit it’s time to build a new school instead of throwing money at these old buildings.

There are other reasons to vote to keep Tipp City schools great. Great schools keep our property values up and one of the first things a company looks for when deciding where to locate is the quality of the school system. It’s up to us to keep our schools strong to ensure the future of our community. Let’s keep Tipp City “The Best Hometown” in Ohio. Vote yes on Issue 5!

— Dee Gillis

Tipp City