Miami County Marriages

Jacob Emerson Hutton, 42, of 310 South 5th Street, Tipp City to Beth Ann Demeter, 42, of same address.

Kendall Danielle Seevers, 25, of 61 North Williams Drive, West Milton to Christopher Michael Mayhill, 25, of 1103 Foundry Road, Louisville, Ky.

Thomas Gerald Shea, 29, of 1868 Village Lane, Piqua to Keely Lauren DePue, 30, of same address.

Kierstan Mercedez Jo Gray, 22, of 1535 Saratoga Drive, Troy to Shawn Michael Redmon, 31, of same address.

Courtney Nicole Miller, 23, of 730 E. Walnut Street, Covington to Tyler Josef NOffsinger, 25 of same address.

Darrien Tyler Jay Sanders, 26, of 700 Young Street, Piqua to Leah McKinzie Watren, 25, of same address.

Audrey Katherine Powers, 27, of 512 Bear Run, Piqua to Zachary Richard Frantz, 30, of same address.

Brian Dale Callahan, 47, of 701 Stanfield Road, Troy to Stacie Christa LaBean, 44, of same address.

Martin Ray Stewart, 64, of 2210 LeFevre Road, Troy to Nancy Lynn Dawson, 54, of 1486 Cheshire Road, Troy.

Brandon Taylor Flora, 25, of 7740 N. Greenville Falls, Covington to Brooklynn Sierra Koble, 21, of 9691 W. Greenville Falls, Covington.

RusSeana Renee Nichole Ross, 23, of 2435 W. State Route 571 B, Tipp City to Matthew Scott Baker, 32, of same address.

Leigh Ann Jackson, 51, of 3485 Kessler Frederick, West Milton to Donald Stephen Williams, 51, of same address.

Alexandra Elise Helstad, 22, of 1885 Casstown Sidney Road to Alex Christopher Mortiz, 22, of 4445 S. Dayton Brandt Road, New Carlisle.

Yvonne Nicole Workman, 35, of 4851 Luster Leaf Ct., Myrtle Beach, S.C. to Scott Jay Wendel, 54, of 104 W. Broadway, Covington.

Nicole Rebecca Stanfill, 34, of 8C Julie Court, Covington to Joel Aaron Nixon, 35, of 8494 Greenville St. Mary’s, Greenville.

Brianna Caitlin Livetston, 25, of 227 E. Main Street, Piqua to Harold Lawrence Hess, 40, of same address.

Mary Lou Wills, 52, of 7515 State Route 202, Tipp City to Todd Nicholas Elam Sr., 47, of same address.