Council OKs contract

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — At their meeting Tuesday night, the West Milton council approved a new contract for trash collection with Waste Management.

Council discussed bids from two companies, Rumpke and Waste Management, before making their decision.

Council also approved the creation of a refuse collection fund, because the village will take over billing for trash collection services after the first of the year.

Residents will no longer have a quarterly trash bill from the collection provider, but will have their refuse collection fee added to their monthly utility bill.

“I looked at this as two reputable companies that we’ll receive basically the same service from. I think they’re definitely apples to apples on what they offer,” Councilman Jason Tinnerman said. According to Tinnerman, Waste Management offered a slightly less expensive option

Mayor Fred Francis explained that the cost per month will be $22 for first three years of regular volume collection, which will increase in 2019 to $22.66 and $23.35 in 2020. Low volume collection rates will be set at $20 for first three years, and then increase to the same rates as the other option in 2019 and 2020.

Council passed a resolution placing a renewal income tax levy on the ballot on March 15. This .5 percent levy funds police and fire services.

“Last time it was on the ballot we were requesting that it become permanent, this time we’re going for the normal five year renewal,” Francis said.

Council also approved a resolution concerning appropriations with several amendments. The amendments reflect changes to the budget, including sludge removal in the sewer fund and a grant for the police department to purchase equipment.

Appropriations were increased in the general fund from $16,500 to $31,000, and in the sewer fund from $22,800 to $28,800.

Council also discussed changes in water rates, due to an increase from the City of Troy. The 1,000 gallon usage charge will increase to $5.95. When added to the operational charge of $13.45 per billing period, the minimum rate charged for 1,000 gallons of usage in a billing period will be $19.40.

“The operation charge is not changing,” Francis said. “They’re increasing their rates to us and we unfortunately have to pass those rates on to keep the water funds where they are.”

Municipal Manager Matt Kline announced to the council at that the Community Park playground project has been conditionally awarded funding. The village will receive a $76,000 grant from the Nature Works program.

Francis explained that the village will pay 100 percent of the project up front, and will be reimbursed 75 percent of the costs up to $76,000. This grant will go to the purchase of new playground equipment.

By Cecilia Fox

Reach Cecilia Fox at or (937) 552-2205.

Reach Cecilia Fox at or (937) 552-2205.