L.T. Ball students receive year-end awards

TIPP CITY — L.T. Ball Intermediate School held its annual year-end awards program on May 31. Students were presented with various academic and service honors.

Honored for receiving the Principal’s Academic Award for attaining all A’s in all four quarters for the 2017-2018 School year were:

Fourth grade: Ava Addison, Benjamin Bledsoe, Olivia Bush, Carter Chinn, Savannah Clawson, Kamryn Clint, Ella Combs, Alexander Darner, Elijah Ganger, Leilani Green, Maxwell Gustavson, Preston Harding, Reese Hoover, Collin Isaac, Carson Jackson, Caroline Kaibas, Nathan Kollmeyer, Jianqiao Li, Ryan Lohnes, Jeffrey Martin, Jett Maxwell, Lucy McClure, Cayden McKinney, Levi McNeal, Emily Mourouzis, Lindsey Osenko, Benjamin Pierson, Courtney Post, Tessa Riehle, Jackson Robbins, Landon Scott, Trey Sellers, Hayden Sherwood, Alyssa Siders, Cameron Smith, Samuel Stark, and Colin Turner.

Fifth grade: Lucca Adkins, Emily Aselage, Brooke Bashore, Logan Butera, Abigail Chaney, Carter Coble, Elliana Denton, Kayla Fry, Sarah George, Evelyn Gold, Jocelyn Gold, Madelyn Gold, Elizabeth Hargrave, Ella Henn, Marissa Hollon, Lauren Huber, Alaina Jacquemin, Parker Kaibas, Audrey Kinninger, Mason Kinninger, Jenna Krimm, Evan McEntyre, Sadhil Mehta, Landon Muhlenkamp, Gavin Poronsky, Charles Schinaman, Brynna Sears, Allison Shoup, Chloe Simmons, Collin Snider, Chloe Strunk, Carlie Subler, Mya Toman, Myah Trost, Benjamin Van Oss, Eli Voisard, Charlize Walters, Jackson Windeknecht, Lydia Zweizig.

Paulina Fugate in fifth grade and Brianna Morris in fourth grade created artwork that was selected for the school’s permanent collection.

The following students were presented awards for participating in the ACES Choir Concert: Mylee Davis, Evelyn Gold, Jocelyn Gold, Dimitri Hartman, Audrey Kinninger, Gavin Poronsky, Emily Richardson, Chloe Strunk, and Amelia Wiggershaus

The following students received a first place in the Quiz Bowl local school competition: Audrey Kinninger, Mallory Hughes, Gavin Poronsky, Sadhil Mehta, Brooke Bashore, Sarah George, and Lydia Zweizig.

County, District, and State level Science Fair participants are as follows: Audrey Kinninger, Mason Kinninger, Sadhil Mehta, Emily Richardson, Amelia Wiggershaus, Marissa Hollon, Brynna Sears, Parker Kaibas, Collin Snider, Aiden Heitkamp, Riley Hull, Alaina Jacquemin, Carlie Subler, Riley Nicholls, and Jackson Windeknecht.