Free recycling service to end

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — Beginning next week, a program that offered free recycling and provided skills training to individuals with developmental disabilities will end.

CANdo Recycling, a vocational program facilitated by Vision Mentors, will no longer be providing free aluminum can recycling to Miami County businesses.

Vision Mentors CEO Ben Bevington and COO Teri Bevington announced the end of the program earlier this month, citing changing regulations at the state and local level.

CANdo Mentor Phil Chappie said the money generated by recycling cans had dropped and so had the number of individuals in the program.

“It wasn’t easy, because we have a lot of loyal customers,” he said of the decision to end the program.

He added that the company’s focus will shift from teaching skills to providing community integration.

In its 11 years in operation, CANdo Recycling kept more than 850,000 pounds (426 tons) of aluminum product out of landfills in Miami and other neighboring counties. It was established in 2007.

The program served more than 80 individuals from Riverside of Miami County, as well as people served by neighboring county boards of development disabilities in Darke, Shelby and Champaign counties.

Chappie said he is not aware of any other similar recycling services in the area. Vision Mentors will continue to provide other services to those with developmental disabilities.

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By Cecilia Fox

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