Traveling dentistry program coming to Tipp, Milton

MIAMI COUNTY — The Traveling Smiles Portable Dentistry Program will be making several stops in the county this summer, including Hoffman United Methodist Church and the Tipp Monroe Community Services Lunch On Us program.

Traveling Smiles is affiliated with the Miami County Dental Clinic located in Troy.

The program was designed to help local children who may not have a regular family dentist receive oral health care. Full dental services are available, including exams, x-rays, preventative care, stainless steel crowns, education, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, temporary treatments, and referrals. They also treat toothaches, fill cavities, extract baby teeth, and perform pediatric pulpotomies.

All children are welcome to participate. If a child already has a dentist, it is highly recommended that they stay with that dentist. Traveling Smiles will not see a child who is currently being treated by a regular dentist.

For more information about the dentistry program, call (937) 339-8656 or visit

Forms will be available at Tipp Monroe Community Services located at 3 E. Main Street, Tipp City or call 937-667-8631 for more information.

Traveling Smiles Dates in Miami County:

• May 7-25 — RTI Riverside, Troy

• May 29-June 15 — Miami County Health Department, Troy

• June 18-July 6 — Garden Manor, Troy

• July 9-27 — Hoffman United Methodist Church, West Milton

• July 30-Aug. 17 — Tipp Monroe Community Services, Tipp City