M-U schools to host test drive fundraiser

By Cecilia Fox - cfox@troydailynews.com

WEST MILTON — As part of the Ford Motor Company’s Drive One 4 UR School Fundraiser, Milton-Union Schools will receive money for each person who test drives a Ford car at the school on Saturday, April 21.

“If we get 300 test drivers, Ford will donate $20 per test drive back to our school district,” Superintendent Brad Ritchey said. “They won’t go any higher than a $6,000 donation, but certainly it could be less. So the more people we get out for test drives, the better.”

Ritchey said the money will be spent on teachers and incentives for students. The Drive One 4 UR School program was developed way to help schools raise money for instructional and extracurricular activities. The event is sponsored by Troy Ford.

“They’re really nice things to have to dangle carrots out in front of children and do some nice things for staff,” he added.

The schools will host the fundraiser from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Troy Ford will bring 10 different vehicles and set up in front of the high school entrance.

All participants must be at least 18 and will be accompanied by volunteer school staff as they complete a loop around the parking lot along the north side of the building.

“You come, you take a test drive and you complete a questionnaire and that’s it. There’s no sales involved,” he said.

Participants will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to rate the vehicle and complete the process. The drive and questionnaire must be completed for Ford to make the $20 donation.

Ritchey noted that there will a number of activities taking place on school grounds on April 21. Interested participants will see the check-in area at the front of the high school. Participants should enter the second driveway (near the tennis court), park in the high school staff member parking lot, and walk around the side of the building to the Troy Ford tent.

By Cecilia Fox


Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@troydailynews.com.

Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@troydailynews.com.