Former mayor charged with drug possession

Reportedly accidentally shoots self

By Cecilia Fox -

TIPP CITY — Police are investigating the injury of a former Tipp City mayor, who was also charged with possession of marijuana after reporting an accidental gunshot wound.

Patrick Hale, 57, told police on April 10 that his gun went off when he hit a bump in the road. He was treated at Grandview Hospital.

Police found more than $3,350 cash in Hale’s pocket, as well as an unfired 9 mm round on the van floorboard, the spent round that went through Hale’s leg, a marijuana grinder and suspected marijuana in the console, according to the report from the Tipp City Police Department.

Hale was charged with possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Tipp City police said they found Hale in the area of County Road 25-A and Commerce Park Drive by his work van. The report stated a man called 911 to say he’d shot himself, but couldn’t tell dispatchers where he was. The Communication Center used mapping tools to give police and medics a location.

According to police reports, the first officer to arrive at the scene found Hale leaning on the side of his van, bleeding heavily from his hip. The report noted that he appeared to be in shock. Two passersby were at the scene, one man told police there was a gun in the van.

Detective Sgt. Chris Graham spoke to Hale in the hospital, according to the report. He said Hale told him that he was alone and leaving Sequoia Court when he “hit a bump in the road and the gun spontaneously went off.”

Hale also “reluctantly stated that the (marijuana) was in fact his, and that it was for personal use only,” Graham said in the report.

Hale told Graham he had recently cashed a check and was going to take the money to his CPA. He added it was not unusual for him to do so, the report stated.

According to the report, Hale has an active CCW permit.

Hale served for 12 years as a Tipp City councilman and was mayor before leaving council last year.
Reportedly accidentally shoots self

By Cecilia Fox

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