Troy man charged with drug trafficking



TIPP CITY — A Troy man arrested in Tipp City last week and charged with drug possession and trafficking will appear in court next week.

Roberts was arraigned on Monday and is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing Feb. 8. He is facing a felony charge of drug trafficking, two felony charges of possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container, driving in violation of license restriction and failure to reinstate license.

According to the Tipp City Police Department, Darrell K. Roberts II, was in possession of several grams of suspected methamphetamine, hydroponic marijuana and hydrocodone tablets when he was arrested on Jan. 28.

The police report said that the drugs were found in a blue plastic box with the scale and extra bags in a manner “consistent with drugs prepared for sale.”

Police also located a glass meth or cocaine pipe, a digital scale and empty plastic bags, two cell phones, a knife, a sawed off shotgun and a half empty bottle of vodka. Roberts told police that the pipe was his, but everything else in the vehicle was not. He said the vehicle belonged to a friend.

Roberts was stopped on southbound Interstate 75 Sunday night because an officer noticed his vehicle drifting between lanes.

Roberts told police he did not have a license. The report stated that Roberts had four active suspensions and five active failures to reinstate license.

Roberts remains in custody at the Miami County Jail.