Health inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at

Sept. 19

Hickory River Smokehouse, 135 S. Garber Road, Tipp City — In the walk-in freezer, water was observed leaking from the compressor pipes and ice build-up was observed beneath the same pipes. Ice build-up was also observed beneath storage shelves and on the wall behind the compressor. The hot storage unit door was observed in disrepair resulting in a gap between the door and door frame. The inside surface of the walk-in freezer reach-in door No. 3 was observed in disrepair resulting in ice build-up. On the sliding door of the line display cooler, the door gasket was observed in disrepair. The hot water sanitizing ware washing machine final rinse (sanitizing) cycle was observed at 160 F while the hot water sanitizing test strips indicated a surface temperature of 160 F. In the cooking area, the miscellaneous multi-use cooking and serving utensils were observed in the storage containers scattered. Critical: In the prep areas, drain flies were observed around the garbage, hamburger buns, and drains.

Staunton Country Store, 17 S. State Route 202, Troy — Observed no hand washing signage posted at the hand washing sink near food prep area.

Wendy’s, 825 W. Main St., Troy — Repeat: observed gasket falling away from walk-in cooler door. Repeat: observed grease and residual build-up on the inside bottom of the grill towards the back of the food prep area. Repeat: observed ice accumulation building up below condensing unit in walk-in freezer. Repeat: observed grease build-up on the ventilation hood above fryer in front food prep area. The following violation has been corrected since the last inspection: observed dark residual build-up on top section of the ice machine.

McDonald’s, 127 N. Miami St., West Milton — Repeat: observed condensation water dripping on to the floor from the walk-in cooler/freezer condenser draining line. Ice has built up on the lines and is causing pooling water on the floor near the walk-in cooler door. Repeat: observed metal sandwich wrapper paper tray holders on prep line with food residual build-up. Repeat: observed small leaking water on a pipe in the facility backflow preventer area or water main line area for the building. Repeat: wall between three-compartment sink and water heater is loose/unstable and missing baseboard. Critical, repeat: observed the presence of live gnats at the McCafe coffee/drink station area and front area.

Fazoli’s, 1887 W. Main St., Troy

Critical Repeat Person in charge did not ensure that employees are informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report information about their health. Critical Observed non-handled cup being stored in Parnassian cheese container in walk-in cooler. Observed ice scoop being stored directly on top of ice machine unit. Critical Repeat Observed black residual on the top section of ice machine in back food prep area. Critical Observed black residual on the inside and outside of the ice shoots on the self-service drink machines in customer sitting area. Observed leak on the faucet right above the mop sink. Observed organic build-up in the corner area of the recycling area, as well as behind trash dumpster. Repair and clean the caulking above the three compartment sink. Observed walk-in cooler floor panels bending upwards, creating an uneven surface.

Sept. 20

Fazoli’s, 1887 W. Main St., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Honeybaked, 771 W. Market St., Troy — Observed hot water heater that was not properly installed in the facility as no permit has been taken out for the installation. Observed seal and caulking in disrepair on the lid of the grease trap.

Kroger, 731 W. Market St., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Sept. 21

Subway, 15 S. Dorset Road, Troy —Critical: observed employee using single-use gloves to answer the phone before going back to food prep without changing the gloves. Critical: observed chicken and meatballs in back food prep area not hot held at the proper temperature during inspection, corrected during inspection. Observed that person-in-charge was not able to provide proper test strips to measure the sanitizer concentration for three-compartment sink. Critical: observed that sanitizing solution did not meet the minimum concentration in the three compartment sink where lids and utensils were soaking, corrected during inspection. Observed dark residual on the outside of ice door (ice not touching residual) in ice shoot of drink dispenser located in back food prep area by drive thru window. Repeat: observed residual build-up on the handles of equipment. Observed loose trash and debris around the perimeter of the dumpster and the dumpster area. Repeat: observed debris build-up underneath shelving units in walk-in cooler.

Tim Horton’s, 700 W. Main St., Troy — Observed ice accumulation and leak from condensing unit inside of blast chiller in front food prep area. Critical: observed that microwave in front food prep area had residual on the top plate inside, corrected during inspection. Observed ice accumulation around the door and behind the condensing unit inside of the walk-in freezer.

Donatos Pizza, 414 W. Main St., Troy — The cover on the right hand side of the prep cooler was observed in disrepair. Critical: the following food contact surfaces were observed with food debris build-up: the vegetable slicer, food storage containers above the prep sink. The following surfaces were observed with food and dust debris build-up: the storage shelf adjacent to the sandwich racks, the fan covers in the walk-in cooler, the knife holders, the sliding door rails on the Coca-Cola cooler.

Burger King, 952 W. Main St., Tipp City — Repeat: observed residual build-up on fryer, hot holding units, oven, on top of equipment, inside freezer, wrapper sheet holders, handles. Critical: observed sink drainage line sitting inside floor drain at prep sink drain and open drain near three-compartment sink. Observed the air gap between a plumbing fixture and a piece of equipment that was not sufficient to prevent back siphonage of contaminated water. Observed faucet at prep sink dripping water. The plumbing system was not properly repaired. Observed mop sink drain area damaged. Repeat: observed dark oil residual build-up lines between tile in floor. Grout is not existing or very thin between tiles. Repeat: observed a build-up of debris and residual on floor. Focus on hard to clean areas that are under equipment, along walls, drains, grout lines, and corners.

Marion’s Piazza, 1270 Experiment Farm Road, Troy — Repeat: observed cutting board in front food prep area that was severely scratched and either needs to be effectively resurfaced or replaced. Repeat: observed food residual on the cooler handles in front food prep area as well as some on the pizza oven handles.

Ording’s Party Time, 810 S. Market St., Troy — On the prep tables and cutting surfaces in the back kitchen area, open beverages were observed. Open bags and boxes of onions and potatoes were observed being stored in the storage garage. Critical: containers of ready-to-eat beef and an open container of salsa in the beer walk-in cooler were observed without a date marking. The packaged cookies adjacent to the cash register were observed without their common name. Critical: a container of marinara sauce was observed with what appeared to be mold growth. In the front kitchen area, a noncommercial microwave was observed. Also, in the back prep area, a noncommercial mixer was observed. The cutting boards in the back prep area, adjacent to the coffee machine, were observed with scratches and scoring. Critical: the potato slicer on the wall adjacent to the beer walk-in cooler was observed with food debris build-up. The following nonfood contact surfaces were observed with food and dust debris build-up: knife holders, bottom shelf beneath the convection oven, back kitchen (prep area) fryer baskets, shelving unit adjacent to garage exit/entrance point, back kitchen area fryers. Open boxes of single serve items and other pieces of equipment were observed being stored in the back garage area.

Sept. 22

Rapid Fired Pizza, 2311 W. Main St., Troy — Observed employee drinks and food being stored on rack above food prep table and on shelving unit by other packaged foods. Facility did not have one employee with supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control food preparation and service with level two certification in food protection.

Heywood Elementary School, 260 Ridge Ave., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

From the Piqua Health Department

No inspections were available.