Hydrant flushing planned

For the Troy Daily News

MIAMI COUNTY — The Tipp City Water Department will be flushing fire hydrants Monday, Sept. 25, through Friday, Oct. 6, during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The following schedule has been set:

• Monday, Sept. 25: (Main Street South) all hydrants from South First Street to Hathaway, including the Roslyn area.

• Tuesday, Sept. 26: (Main Street North) all hydrants starting at North First Street to Bowman Avenue.

• Wednesday, Sept. 27, and Thursday, Sept. 28: (South West area) Tipp Plaza areas, Hathaway, Spring Hill, Willow Glen, Cottonwood, Hampton Woods, Hunters Ridge, York Meadows and Sycamore Woods.

• Friday, Sept. 29: along Evanston Road, and S. County Road 25-A south of Evanston Road going to Corner Stone Drive.

• Monday, Oct. 2, and Tuesday, Oct. 3: (North West area) all hydrants starting at Westedge, Tippecanoe Village, Manchester Chase, North Tipp Cowlesville Road, Tweed Woods, Commerce Park Drive, Weller Drive and Curry Branch.

Wednesday, Oct. 4, and Thursday, Oct. 5: (North West area) all hydrants starting on County Road 25-A, Spring Meade, Woodlawn, Donn Davis Way, Windmere, Oakwinds and Rosewood Creek.

Friday, Oct. 6, will be used as a makeup day, if needed.

Water in these areas may be discolored. Residents are advised to avoid using laundry or hot water facilities during the flushing period. If residents find their water to be discolored, they should run cold water for 5 to 10 minutes until the water clears. Although the water will not be turned off, a drop in pressure in some areas is likely.

Flushing hydrants is a preventive maintenance program to periodically clean out natural residues which deposit in the water lines, as well as to test the hydrants.

Any questions can be directed to the City Utility/Services office at (937) 667-6305.

West Milton

In West Milton, fire hydrants will be flushed during the week of Oct. 2-6. This is an annual program and is scheduled to start each morning at 4 a.m. and continue until each section is complete.

The town will be split into five sections, and one section will be done each day.

The dates and sections are:

• Monday, Oct. 2: Donna Jane Court south to Hamilton Street

• Tuesday, Oct. 3: Hamilton Street south to Philip Drive

• Wednesday, Oct. 4: Philip Drive south to Woods Drive

• Thursday, Oct. 5: Woods Drive south to Baker Road, State Route 48 north to Ludlow Falls and the town of Ludlow Falls

• Friday, Oct. 6: Stone Meadows subdivision, Milton Potsdam Road (new school), Black Oak Drive, Dogwood, west end of Wright and Wagner Roads

Customers may notice fluctuations in pressure throughout this period, and some cloudiness in the water may be present. Customers should not do laundry in section being flushed. Any questions, please contact West Milton Utilities at (937) 698-1500, ext. 108.