Portable planetarium to stop in Tipp

TIPP CITY — Presenting movies on a range of scientific topics, a portable planetarium is coming to Tipp City.

The Dome Theater from Kramer International is coming to the Fellowship Hall of the Zion Lutheran Church at 14 W. Walnut Street, Tipp City on Friday, Aug. 18, from 1-7:30 p.m.

The public is invited to participate in a theater experience that takes place in a portable planetarium, surrounding the viewer in high definition visuals on the ceilings and walls, while the audience sits on the floor of the dome. There will be a series of 20-35 minute films throughout the day, developed by Rice University and the Houston Museum of Natural Science with the support of NASA.

The public can attend one or several of the films throughout the day for free, thanks to donations from the Tipp Library Friends of the Library, the Tipp-Monroe Optimist Club, Miami University Library Staff and Jackie Wahl. The Dome Theater can seat 35-50 people at one time depending on the age of the group. Anyone bringing a group larger than 8 people is asked to call Heidi Martin at the library at (937) 667-3826, ext. 215 to register your group. The Dome Theater can accommodate wheelchairs and persons who may need special seating arrangements- please contact Mrs. Martin at the library for more details.

The educational films being featured span a range of topics, like, what killed the dinosaurs, does life exist elsewhere in the universe, and feature experiences like exploring marine life in the depths of the sea or traveling through the Solar System. Some films are appropriate for children as young as kindergarten, while most will be of interest to elementary and middle school grades, and adults.

The last showing at 6:45 p.m. is geared to teens and adults and features a digitally animated alternative music show featuring tracks from U2, Coldplay, David Bowie, Radiohead and more.

Go to the library’s website at www.tippcitylibrary.org for a detailed schedule and descriptions of the various films being offered and what grades each film is geared towards.