Stillwater Crossings zoning discussed

Council recognizes owners of Curry’s Video

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — At their meeting Tuesday night, West Milton Council heard readings of several ordinances regarding the Stillwater Crossings development, including the creation of tax increment financing plans and rezoning.

The council also voted to approve the economic development plan for Stillwater Crossings.

Municipal Manager Matt Kline noted that an economic development plan is required by state law before the creation of an incentive district tax increment financing (TIF) plan.

Kline added that the economic development plan was previously approved by the planning board.

Council heard the first readings of several ordinances, one that would establish a the incentive district TIF, a second that would create a commercial TIF, and a third that would amend the zoning for the property where Stillwater Crossings will be location.

As part of the rezoning ordinance reading, council also held a public hearing. Council and the residents in attendance heard from the lawyer representing the developer, the development engineer, and a representative from Ryan Homes.

The proposed change in zoning involves rezoning the nearly 100-acre parcel from entirely agricultural to a split between commercial and residential.

The development — which will be located on approximately 100 acres at the corner of State Route 571 and Iddings Road — will include both commercial and residential sections, including shops and restaurants, a proposed medical center, an assisted living facility, senior cottages and 133 single family homes.

Dave Reed, the developer’s attorney, told council that he’s worked on a lot of developments in his 26 years in zoning law and has seen some fail and some thrive.

“I have seen some really bad projects over the years. I’ve been involved with them — usually after the fact, not at the inception — trying to get them back above ground and moving forward,” he said. “I’ve also had the privilege to work on some thoughtful, well-planned out projects. I want this body to understand, this is a thoughtful, well-planned out project.”

An engineer for the project, from Choice One Engineering, described the layout of the development.

The main entrance to the development will be located on State Route 571 and will feature a traffic signal, which will be landscaped, he said. The main drive will lead to a traffic circle and the the residential portion of the development will fan out around the circle to the southeast. The commercial portion of the development, as well as Randall Residence and senior cottages, will be located along State Route 571.

Council opened the public hearing to comments from citizens, hearing from one person of those in attendance.

“I think this is the greatest thing that could ever happen to West Milton,” resident Tony Hughes told council.

The council will vote on these ordinances at their next meeting.

Council also presented the owners of Curry’s Video, Mike and Candy Curry, with a proclamation recognizing them for their years of operation in the community. Curry’s Video closed in April after 27 years in business.

Mayor Scott Fogle read from the proclamation, which noted that Curry’s Video opened in 1990 with 367 VHS tapes and 36 video games. Over the years, that collection grew to 7,200 DVDs and games.

At its peak, the video rental industry included more than 15,000 stores across the country — Curry’s Video was the last independently owned rental store in Miami County, Fogle said. The store had a customer base of 4,300 people in a town of 4,790 residents, he added.

The proclamation further stated that April 21 will forever be known as Mike and Candy Curry Day in the village of West Milton.

Council recognizes owners of Curry’s Video

By Cecilia Fox

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