Boy Scout cabin vandalized again

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — A village-owned Boy Scout cabin that was targeted by vandals last year has been vandalized again within 24 hours of being repainted.

The cabin was vandalized last year as well. According to Municipal Manager Matt Kline, those juveniles were caught and taken to court, and the village was awarded the estimated cost for painting and sandblasting.

“Our recommendation was to have them not only pay for the materials, but also be required to clean up their mess. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So, this year’s senior class helped to make over the walls and freshen it up,” Kline said.

In a post on their Facebook page, the West Milton Police Division said the cabin was spray painted with obscenities.

“Within 24 hours of the Boy Scout cabin being repainted, individuals decided they could not respect the property of others and graffiti was painted on the freshly painted surfaces. The Boy Scouts will again have to look at these obscenities and the village will be tasked with spending more time and money to clean this up again,” the department said in their post.

Kline said he would be going to the cabin Monday afternoon to begin the clean up process again. He said did not have an estimate for how much the village has spent on the cabin, but added that the real cost is “time more than anything.”

The cabin was repainted last week as part of the village’s annual senior government days community service project, which the school district and the village have partnered for the last 30 or 40 years, Kline said.

High school seniors spent Thursday and Friday last week repainting fire hydrants and picking up in the park and along the highway in addition to repainting the cabin.

The police department is investigating this incident and asks that anyone with information call the Miami County Dispatch Center at (937) 440-9911 and ask to speak to the West Milton police officer on duty.

By Cecilia Fox

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