West Milton Rotary news

By Allen Smith

For the Weekly Record Herald

WEST MILTON — The West Milton Rotary Club program on Sept. 14 was a presentation by State Representative, Steve Huffman, guest of program host Raymond Landis.

Steve is a 1983 graduate of Milton-Union High School and graduated from the University of Toledo in 1988 after playing football. He attended medical school and got his doctorate in 1993.

He is a practicing emergency room doctor as well as the former Miami County coroner. Last fall he was elected to his first term as the 80th district representative.

Steve’s program was on “The Political Process.” Steve was sworn in on January 4, 2015 with his sister, Judge Mary Katherine Huffman doing the honors.

Steve talked about his first meeting being in front of 100 people who were attending to hear the discussion of a new bill that was being proposed. He talked about the first six months being dominated by the governor’s budget, which is about much more than money. The governor and other legislators include many other items to become policy for the upcoming year. Steve serves on the Health and Education committees, among a couple others.

He talked about the purpose and status of several new bills. He also mentioned the three state issues that will be on the November ballot, including the controversial marijuana issue. Steve concluded his program by answering several questions from the club.