City, school, and township hold meeting

By Cecilia Fox -

TIPP CITY — Representatives of the schools, the city and the township met Monday night for their regular Tri-Agency meeting.

Board members discussed school facilities and current and upcoming projects.

Superintendent Dr. Gretta Kumpf discussed the school board’s recent vote to move forward with the construction of a new prekindergarten through eighth grade facility on the Broadway site. The district is continuing to work with architect Mike Ruetschle, who has been assisting the district with planning for the last several years.

The board also voted to defer state funding until July 2018 and seek local funding for the project first.

“That’s still something that will still be on the plate and available to us,” Kumpf said of the deferred option of state co-funding.

The board also recently voted to issue bonds for the purchase of just over eight acres of land next to the high school.

“That allows us to control the borders of our district right there by the high school,” she said. “It will have the opportunity to be developed in different ways, but ultimately it will allow us to decide what’s going to be there.”

The high school was recently named one of the top 500 schools in the country, ranked 309 out of 37,000. The district’s ACT scores are also very positive, Kumpf said.

“It’s the highest score we have had as a district in the last five years,” she said.

Township trustees discussed the upcoming senior citizens levy on the ballot in November. The 1 mill, five year levy will generate funds for the construction of a new senior center.

Trustee Martin English said that Tipp City Seniors have located a new five acre site for their building on North Hyatt Street at Manchester Chase.

“They’ve pushed hard and they’ve worked hard,” trustee Ron Thuma said of the TCS efforts to build a new center. “I think they’re pretty dedicated to getting this accomplished.”

The trustees are also weighing options for adding space to Maple Hill Cemetery. As cremation is becoming a more popular option, the township is considering adding columbarium niches for the housing of urns. This would allow the township to offer more spaces in a smaller area, Thuma said.

“We feel there’s a need and we should try to satisfy the need,” he explained.

City Manager Tim Eggleston shared that plans are in the works for a celebration of Tipp City being named one of Ohio Magazine’s Best Hometowns. City organizations are looking at ideas for a November celebration when the Tipp City issue of the magazine is out.

The city is also conducting a traffic study on Weller Drive. This study will determine whether it is possible to remove the barrier on Weller Drive without changing the current traffic light timing. If the study should show that new timing is needed, a second phase of the study would begin to see what changes need to be made.

By Cecilia Fox