Gas and electric, income tax pass

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — Voters in West Milton approved two issues aggregating electric and gas supply, as well as a long-running income tax levy.

Issues 10 and 11, which allow the village to join a gas and electric utility aggregation group, passed 56 percent to 43 percent and 57 percent to 42 percent.

Approximately 1,169 people voted in favor of electric aggregation, with 899 voting against, according to unofficial results. About 1,171 people voted in support of gas aggregation, with 878 voting no.

According to village officials, the aggregation measures will allow member municipalities to shop for utility services from the provider that submits the lowest bid to the group, coordinated by aggregator Affordable Gas and Electric.

Residents will not be required to purchase their utilities from the aggregate group provider, and will be able to opt out at any time and at no cost, officials said.

The electric and/or gas rates will be negotiated for a term of two or three years. The rates that AGE negotiate for the village through this aggregation program would be fixed for each term and would not increase or decrease with the changes in the market.

Income tax renewal

The five-year, .5 percent income tax renewal levy that benefits the West Milton Fire and Police departments also passed on Nov. 8.

The income tax renewal, which was first passed in 1997, was approved 60 percent to 40 percent, with 1,290 voting in favor and 845 voting against, according to unofficial results.

The levy generates $350,000 annually, which all goes to the village’s fire and police departments. According to village officials, both departments are dependent on the funds generated by the income tax.

By Cecilia Fox

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