Gas and electric, income tax on ballot

Voters asked to renew fire and police levy

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — On Election Day, West Milton voters will be asked to consider two issues regarding the aggregation of electric and gas supply.

If Issues 10 and 11 are passed, the village will join a gas and electric utility aggregation group. This would allow member municipalities to shop for utility services from the provider that submits the lowest bid to the group, coordinated by aggregator Affordable Gas and Electric.

“It’s just an opportunity to save on the energy portion of your utility bills,” Kline said.

If the measure is passed, residents would not be required to purchase their utilities from the aggregate group provider, and would be able to opt out at any time and at no cost, Municipal Manager Matt Kline said.

If residents decide to participate, their bills will also continue to come in the same format as they do now, Kline added.

“Nothing will change. You’ll still get a bill from DP&L, no matter who the supplier of the electricity is. You’ll still get a bill from Vectren, no matter who the supplier of the gas is,” Kline said.

The electric and/or gas rates would be negotiated for a term of two or three years. The rates that AGE would negotiate for the village through this aggregation program would be fixed for each term and would not increase or decrease with the changes in the market.

Last November, residents of the city of Sidney and villages of Ft. Loramie, Botkins, Russia and Bradford voted to approve aggregation. According to AGE, competitive bidding for the aggregate provided residents with rates estimated to be 27 percent below the previous 12 month historical rates of Dayton Power and Light. The contracts negotiated are fixed for a full three-year term.

This November, residents of 14 communities, including West Milton, Greenville, Bellefontaine, and Covington, will vote on similar ballot measures.

Voters can visit to learn more about AGE and the ballot proposal.

Also on the ballot is a five-year, .5 percent income tax renewal levy that benefits the West Milton Fire and Police departments.

This levy was first passed in 1997, and has been renewed every five years since then.

“Nothing has changed, it’s exactly the same,” Kline said.

The levy generates $350,000 annually.

“One hundred percent of it going to fire and police. Both of the those departments are dependent upon it,” Kline said. “We’re very thankful for the support in the past and we hope that the work that they do proves to the voters that they should continue it.”
Voters asked to renew fire and police levy

By Cecilia Fox

Reach Cecilia Fox at

Reach Cecilia Fox at