Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Oct. 21

THEFT AND PURSUIT: Piqua reported the listed vehicle had just been stolen from South Street. The deputy located the listed vehicle stopped on Peterson Road at County Road 25A at the red light. The vehicle passed the officer and he was able to to read the registration, which matched the registration the owner of the vehicle gave Dispatch. The driver saw the deputy turn around and that is when heard the vehicle’s tires squealed. The driver took off west bound on Farrington Road at a high rate of speed.The driver of the vehicle crashed into a house located at 201 High Street in Covington. By the time I approached the accident the driver had already left the seen. A book bag was located in the truck that did not belong to the registered owner. Deputy Lowry processed the truck and the contents in the book bag. Case pending.

TRUMP SIGNS GONE AGAIN: A resident in the 1700 block of State Route 202, Staunton Twp., called to advise on two separate occasions this morning there were Trump signs taken from his residence and his mother’s, who lives across the street. The first occasion the reporting party advised there was a white truck with an extended bed. The second occurrence was a short time later and occurred across the street at his mother’s residence. A Spillman message was sent out to other police agencies in Miami County for the vehicle. This case will be pending at this time.

TRUCK STOLEN: Deputies were dispatched to the 8200 block of Covington Gettysburg Road, Covington, in reference a stolen truck. The listed Ford F150 was stolen shortly after a search was conducted of the area due to an earlier pursuit

and recovery of another stolen truck. The truck was the reporting party’s work truck. The truck keys were inside the vehicle at the time of theft.

WALLET GONE: A deputy responded to the 5000 block of Fletcher Road, Newberry Twp., in reference a theft of a

wallet from a motor vehicle.

ABANDONED VEHICLE: A deputy observed a Maroon Mercury Mariner abandoned at the intersection

of Peterson Rd and Piqua-Troy Rd. The deputy ran the registration and it came back to a silver 2001

Dodge. The vehicle was towed to the county impound lot.

THEFT: A resident in the 9000 block of Haskett Lane, Bethel Twp. called to report the listed items were stolen from her unlocked vehicle over night.

TRAILER TOWED: A resident in the 800 block of Todd Court, Tipp City, called in to advise a trailer was parked in her driveway blocking her garage and she didn’t know who it belonged to and it did not have permission to be there.

The deputy attempted to contact the owner, Dale Ullery, however all attempts at contacting him failed. The trailer was towed from the property.

Oct. 22

JAIL ASSAULT: A deputy was dispatched to the Miami County Incarceration Facility in reference

to a fight that had occurred between two inmates. After further investigation John Albert was

charged with assault.

Oct. 23

CRIMINAL DAMAGING: Deputies assisted with criminal damaging complaints in the 6200 block of Jay Road, and 7300 Mishler Drive, Union Twp. Juveniles were charged in the incidents.

HIT SKIP: A deputy responded to the 1200 block of North Alcony Conover Road, in reference to a hit skip

accident. After speaking with all involved parties, it was determined that two mailboxes, and a yard were damaged in the incident.