Reader’s vote is for Mahan

To the Editor:

As a longtime citizen of Miami County, I am writing to express my endorsement of Joe Mahan for sheriff of Miami County. After graduation from Troy High School, Joe worked briefly for the Troy Police Department, where in 1977 he was hired by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, rising to the rank of chief deputy in 1998, then retiring from the MCSO in 2006. Training in the MCSO consisted of SWAT, evidence tech, arson investigation, homicide investigations, coroner’s investigation, domestic violence, road commander, to name a few. He held commissions with Darke County (special deputy, until 2008), Shelby County (until 2013), and currently with the Jackson Center Police Department. Joe was a committee member that helped create and develop the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. He is state certified to teach administration, firearms, child abuse and neglect, human trafficking, crime scene investigations, drug awareness, bombs and explosives, terrorism, plus many more subjects.

Joe is married with family, member of the NRA, and known in the county for his involvement in community matters.

Joe will bring about the integrity and stability that has been lacking in the Miami County Sheriff’s Office. As a former employee of the MCSO, he is well aware of the practices and routines of the department and it is believed that his steady leadership will restore the morale and confidence of our fine detectives, road officers, and office personnel that currently go about each day without hesitation or reservation to serve and protect all of us. Joe is running as an Independent for a reason. He believes that party affiliation should not have a bearing on the office of Sheriff- that the sheriff should be beholden, concerned, and involved with every citizen and their needs. The citizens of the county demand, and the employees of the sheriff’s office deserve this new leadership, and I hope that you will kindly vote for Joe Mahan for sheriff on election day. A change is needed, and Joe will make an outstanding sheriff for Miami County.

— Thomas Daniszewski

Tipp City