Tipp pool ends season in black

By Cecilia Fox - cfox@civitasmedia.com

TIPP CITY — The Tippecanoe Family Aquatic Center ended the season in the black for the first time in five years.

According to finance director John Green, the center made a profit of $17,693 over the summer season and will not require a general fund subsidy for the first time since 2011.

In recent years, the city has approved subsidies from the general fund ranging from $52,542 in 2012 to $1108,708 in 2014.

“We had a very, very good year overall,” Green said.

Though attendance was slightly down this summer, Green noted that concession sales were up and the pool management contract was $20,000 less than last year — $228,705 this year compared to $289,843 in 2015.

Next year will be the second year of the city’s three-year, fixed rate contract with Dayton Pool Management.

The weather was also cooperative this summer, with temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit on 17 days. The pool was closed almost 30 days last season due to inclement weather — this year it was closed three full days and four partial days, Green said.

Green said he expects the numbers to be different next year owing to maintenance and capital improvement projects expected for the facility.

“The pool is 11 years old now and we really haven’t had to do any major maintenance,” Green said. Updates to the slides and other equipment is anticipated in 2017.

Green also said that he does not anticipate any change in rates next season.

In other business, council approved an ordinance appointing a new law director, welcoming Jonathan Freeman to Tipp City.

Freeman replaces David Caldwell, law director since 2012. Kevin Lantz has served as the interim director since July.

The law director’s compensation is set at $44,004 annually, the same amount paid to the previous law director.

By Cecilia Fox


Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@civitasmedia.com.

Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@civitasmedia.com.