Sheriff’s reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Sept. 20

PORT-A-JOHNS GONE: Mr. Gearhart owns and operates B&D Portable Toilets. He stated this past Sunday he dropped off six porta-john units at the fairgrounds for an upcoming event. Today he went back out there to fill the tanks and prep the units when he discovered two of them are missing. It is unknown who took them or when they disappeared.

Sept. 21

SIGN DAMAGED: Sometime overnight an unknown suspect used a knife to destroy a political endorsement sign in the 8900 block of State Route 202, Bethel Township. The sign was beyond the roadside easement on her own property.

MISSING RINGS: A resident in the 1500 block of South Dayton Brandt, Troy, came to Troy Police Department to file a theft report and a deputy met with her there. Sometime within the last month approximately, three of her rings have disappeared from her jewelry box. Nothing else is missing that she can identify. She requested a report be filed so she can make an insurance claim on the missing property.

MAILBOX DAMAGED: A deputy responded to the 5000 block of Casstown-Clark Road, Casstown, in reference to a mailbox which had been struck and drug by a vehicle. The complainant requested a report for documentation purposes.

Sept. 22

SEX OFFENDER: A deputy was unable to verify the address of a registered sex offender in the 700 block of Dixie Avenue, Troy. A report and statements completed.

THIEVES CAUGHT: Deputies were dispatched to the area of Windmere Drive and Carousel, in reference, to a suspicious vehicle that kept driving by the callers’ residence.

Deputies located Charles McDade walking with dark clothing on carrying a Dewalt radio and a Dewalt battery. Deputy Brazel located the suspicious vehicle driven by Sherry Brown on County Road 25-A near Windmere Drive. The investigation revealed Charles was dropped off by Sherry in the neighborhood to steal. The radio and battery belonged to a resident on Windmere Drive. The resident wanted to file charges, so Charles was arrested for theft and criminal trespass. Sherry was charged with complicity.