Foundations award grants

For the Weekly Record Herald

TIPP CITY — During the quarterly grantmaking meeting of the Tipp City Area Community Foundations, an unusually large number of projects came under consideration. Requests to meet life’s essential needs such as mental health support, nutrition and a ride to work were considered.

Of the 20 grants awarded, some were renewals of perennial programs while others were fresh initiatives.

Crowded around the Tipp Library’s lower level conference table, board members set to work reviewing and voting on applications. After lively discussion, final selections were made.

Ultimately 11 organizations were chosen to receive 20 awards totaling $34,895.04. Added to prior grants awarded since 1943, the Foundations are less than $20,000 away from the milestone of $2,000,000 in awards. That special accomplishment will be met during the final grant selection in December of 2016.

The following is a list of the recipients, amounts awarded, and the purposes funded.

• Bethel Local Schools, $2,080, packs up the fifth graders and helps send them on an adventure to Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio. The grownups think the students are being sent to learn about nature. The students think they are being sent to have fun. The Foundations think that the grownups and students are both right.

• Child Care Choices, $500, improves the focus of children in child care settings through visits from the Yoga Lady. Similar to this nonprofit’s Zumba Lady and Story Lady programs, the Yoga Lady teaches age appropriate techniques to children. Yoga is growing in popularity nationally as a tool for working with children with special needs and autism.

• Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, $1,700, underwrites the expenses associated with bringing music to Tipp City and Bethel schools. Specifically, students will experience live orchestral performances, learn about music and musical concepts, and have their classroom lessons and learning enriched through demonstrations of music’s correlation to academic subjects, including language arts, history, geography, social studies, math and science.

• Miami County Continuum of Care, $1,500, sponsors the web site of this regional agency collaboration, which addresses the needs of homeless and lower-income persons. Services of this network include the Rides to Work program, which drives individuals to and from an employer. In the first seven months of 2016, 1,073 rides to Tipp City businesses were provided.

• Needy Baskets, $5,000, helps this agency meet an expanding demand at the Holiday season. Specifically, Christmas Baskets will be prepared for families that contain the ingredients for a traditional Holiday meal. An estimated 225 families will be served through this initiative. This grant was awarded, in part, from the August Henke Fund, established in 1950 to provide for the “comfort and support for needy and aged men.”

• New Creation Counseling Center, $3,000, provides affordable and timely psychiatric counseling services for those unable to pay. Since January of 2015, New Creation has served over 400 clients from the Tipp City area.

• Tipp City Enrichment Program, $3,929, updates the current computer lab and extends the technology in the preschool and pre-k curriculum for this before- and after-school program.

• Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $4,175.20, enriches the science and social studies curricula for first grade students through inquiry-based learning via four distinct grants. Opportunities for students to go beyond the state standards and experience live, hands-on learning arise with visits to Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm ($1,200.96), Carillon Historical Park ($1,174.16) and Victoria Theatre ($1,370.08), as well as a visit from Boonshoft Museum’s Animals Alive ($430).

• Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,410.84, teaches life science, physical science and social studies curricula to kindergarten students through a field trip to Fulton Farms.

• Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $900, brings “The Rock Man” Mike Manning, a retired geology and earth science teacher, to third grade students. He will share his enthusiasm for rocks through a series of hands-on activities that include pantomime.

• Tipp City Public Library, $4,000, implements an additional digital book, music and movie source for all library cardholders for one year. Using an on line tool called Hoopla, hold lists and waiting will now be eliminated and patrons will have access to over 500,000 titles.

• Tipp Monroe Community Services, $2,600, defrays the cost of the annual fifth grade excursion to Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio.

• Tipp Monroe Community Services, $1,500, funds the Eyeglass Program, which provides an annual eye exam and new glasses for citizens in need.

• Tipp Monroe Community Services, $1,000, funds the Community Relief Program, which provides financial assistance for rent, utilities, and prescriptions to individuals in need.

• Tipp Monroe Community Services, $700, purchases, repairs and maintains instruments available through the Band Instruments Program. These instruments are used by children who would not otherwise be able to afford to participate in the school band.

• Tipp Monroe Community Services, $500, aids the Diaper and Formula Fund, an emergency program that assists families with small children.

• Tippecanoe STEAM Boosters, Inc., $400, purchases reusable name badges for participants in the Upper Miami Valley Science Days program, a competition for students in grades 5 – 12.

Since 1943, the Tipp City Area Community Foundations has awarded $1,922,200 in grants, as of December 31, 2015. Members of the Distribution Committee are Jim Ranft, chairman, Heather Bailey, president, Jim McKee, Claire Timmer and Jackie Wahl. Other trustees include Mary Bowman, Jesse Chamberlain, Joan Creech, Jim McKee and Pete Schinaman.

The Tipp City Area Community Foundations is a member fund of The Troy Foundation. If you would like information on how your organization can apply for a grant, please contact Jim Ranft at (937) 667-1270. If you would like information about how to make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact Heather Bailey at (937) 478-3400.

For more information about the Foundations’ volunteers, donors and funds, visit the web site at