Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Sept. 8

K9 SCHOOL SWEEPS: The Miami County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Bear performed drug sniff sweeps at Milton Union, Newton Local, Upper Valley Career Center and Miami East schools.

MAIL INCIDENT: A resident in the 2500 block of State Route 721, Pleasant Hill, reported a dark red car took mail from his mailbox.

OVI: A deputy conducted a traffic stop in the area of High and Dodds streets in Covington. The driver, Christopher Beason, 49, of New Tazwell, Tenn., was cited for OVI and drug possession.

Sept. 9

OVERDOSE: A Miami County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to the 1090 N. State Route 721, Newton Township address on a report of an overdose.

The deputy cited Caitlon Nunley, 22, of Greenville, for permitting drug abuse and assault; three others were also cited in the incident, but charges have not been filed to date.

MAIL ISSUES: The Pleasant Hill Post Master reported someone has been placing mail in different mail boxes further down mail routes in the last few days. The postmaster said nothing appears to have been stolen, just moved to one box to another. The postmaster requested a report and extra checks in the area.

Sept. 10

RESISTING ARREST: A Miami County Sheriff’s Office deputy made a traffic stop in the area of S. Miami Avenue and W. Church Street, Bradford. The driver, Douglas Miller, 30, of Bradford, fled from the vehicle on foot. Miller was charged with OVI, driving with an OVI suspension, marked lanes, open container, failure to comply and resisting arrest.

THEFT: Deputies were dispatched to the Dollar General Store at 1931 Covington Avenue, Piqua. Danny Gansheimer was cited for theft and possession of marijuana.

Sept. 12

TRAFFIC STOP: A deputy sat stationary running radar on State Route 589 between Peterson and Loy roads. The deputy was previously advised of a juvenile driving recklessly on his way to school every morning.

The vehicle appeared to be driving at a speed greater than the posted limit of 55 mph. I visually estimated the speed at 90 mph. The deputy activated the radar and received an audio return and digital readout of 94 mph and initiated a stop of the The driver was advised the reason for the stop and the previous complaints. The driver, a juvenile, was cited for 94 in a 55 zone. He was advised of his mandatory court appearance with a parent. He was released to go on to school.

MAIL INCIDENT: A deputy was dispatched to meet with a Troy resident in the 3000 block of State Route 41, Troy, about found property. He gave the officer a stack of mail that does not belong to him, but he found in his mailbox on Sept. 10.

CELL PHONE: A Bethel Twp. resident reported his daughter’s cell phone was stolen on or around Sept 9 while she was at Bethel High School. The phone was then returned to her on Sept. 12 by the suspect.

STRAY BULLET: A deputy responded to the 3000 block of W. Ziegler Rd, Piqua, in reference to a suspicious call. The complainant stated she had a bullet hole in the rear of her vehicle, in the trunk lid. The hole appeared to be from a small caliber rifle, possibly a .22 or .223. The bullet was not recovered, and could be lodged in the trunk area. The complainant stated it could have happened in the past day or two. The resident did not report hearing any gun shots in the area. There are no leads or suspects at this time.