Transfer station serves 1 millionth customer

Staff Reports

TROY — As of July 24, the automated inbound and outbound scales at the Miami County Transfer Station have performed 1 million weigh-ins in just over 10 years of operation.

The Miami County Transfer Station serves as a collection center for all solid waste generated within Miami County and collected by municipalities and commercial trash haulers operating in the county. The facility also disposes of waste dropped off by residents. The Miami County Transfer Station offers a variety of specialized recycling and disposal programs, including a recycling drop-off for residents without curbside recycling programs and special disposal programs for paint, lightbulbs, batteries and household hazardous wastes. The Miami County Solid Waste District, based at the transfer station, is responsible for special drop-off events and educational programming throughout the year.

Transfer station manager Scott Pence says that the station has seen an influx of residential customers coming in alongside commercial trash haulers in recent years — some days, the station sees more than 300 cars.

“We take great pride in providing service to the public in all our different programs, such as the lightbulb recycling program or the paint hardening and disposal,” Pence said. “Customer service is our goal, and we provide a lot of services in one place. We really aim to be a one-stop shop for our residents.”

Additional information can be found under the Government section at by selecting Sanitary Engineering or by calling Lauren Karch at (937) 440-5653.

Jewel Campbell and Pauline Bower were the Miami County Transfer Station’s automated scales’ one millionth customers.