Young Jedi learn self defense

For the Weekly Record Herald

TIPP CITY — Tipp Monroe Community Services hosted “Jedi Boot Camp” this week at the Tipp City Park.

The campers were visited by Dan DePasquale of Champion Force Athletics. DePasquale demonstrated two self-defense techniques — the wrist release and the spider crawl — which can be used by children to escape a potential kidnapper.

DePasquale emphasized that self-defense and fighting are not the same. Fighting is bad and should be avoided unless a child’s safety is at risk.

Just for fun, the potential Jedi were shown how to break a board with their bare hands. One of the campers amazed everyone by breaking a board.

If your children are interested in learning self-defense, classes will resume in September. Call TMCS at (937) 667-8631 for more information.

Summer Camp at the Roundhouse will continue throughout the summer. Weekly summer subjects include Minion Mania, Splash it Up, Critter Cruise-In, and TMCS Olympics.

Go to or call TMCS at (937) 667-8631.