Bushels for Hunger raises more than $11K

Staff reports

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Farm Bureau along with Troy Elevator was pleased to present over $11,000 to four local organizations in Miami County recently. Checks were presented to Fletcher Food Pantry for $3,069.64; the Needy Basket for $3,910.34; Newton Food Pantry for $3,814.91; and Health Partners Free Clinic for $555.64.

This is the seventh year of the Bushels for Hunger project, which has donated more than $45,000 to local Miami County Food Banks.

The Bushels for Hunger project has been a great opportunity for our local farmers to give back to the community. During harvest when the farmers take their grain to Troy Elevator, they are asked if they would like to donate bushels of beans, wheat or corn to the Bushels for Hunger program. In the past six years, the program has had an astounding amount of generosity from local farmers.

This year Bushels for Hunger once again partnered with the Miami County Park District and Health Partners Free Clinic. Both organizations donated land for the program to grow its own soybeans. There were four acres at the park district and two acres behind the Free Clinic. Along with the land, all the seed, fertilizer and planting were donated.

Bushels for Hunger like to thank the following people and companies for helping with this community project: David Demmitt for planting the four acres at the park district; Dwayne Taylor for donating the seed, planting, and spraying the field behind the Free Clinic; Heritage Co-op for donating the seed for the park district field; and Dennis Clark with Harvest Land Co-op for spraying the field at the park district. Without support and time given from these people and companies this project would not be possible.

“As the new organization director for Miami County Farm Bureau, I am excited to begin working with Troy Elevator and all of our partners to continue this great project for our community,” said Melinda Lee. “Donating over $11,000 to three food pantries and the Free Clinic makes this one of the best years yet.”

For more information about this project, contact the Miami County Farm Bureau at (855) 335-1471 or visit www.facebook.com/MiamiFarmBureau.

Staff reports