United Way announces donations

For the Weekly Record Herald

TIPP CITY — If you asked 100 people how to spend money, you’d probably get 100 different answers. Opinions become even more divided when lives are affected by how you spend it.

That’s why the Tipp City Area United Way volunteer Board of Directors cautiously analyzed the best way to spend the community investment from donors to their last annual campaign.

The Board of Directors, which is comprised of local community volunteers, spent countless hours reviewing and evaluating each agency. Volunteers weighed the impact made by each of the agencies’ programs against the requests made by those organizations, along with the pool of funds available, and the overall needs of our community.

Tipp City Area United Way focuses their funding on three areas of impact:

• Education: $14,500 was allocated to help our local children and youth achieve their potential through education.

• Income: $31,600 was allocated to help local families become financially stable and independent.

• Health: $42,200 was allocated to improve people’s health and avoid risky behavior in Tipp City, Monroe and Bethel Townships.

The end result: money will go to Miami County organizations and programs to have a direct impact on the lives of thousands in the Tipp City, Monroe and Bethel Township areas.

“There was no rubber stamping of agency requests,” said Stan Evans, Board President of the Tipp City Area United Way. “Every agency was evaluated through on-site interviews with each of the agency’s directors on an individual basis by our board of directors; there was discussion on the value of each program’s impact. Extensive research, lively debate and much consideration was given before funding recommendations became final.”

Allocations to each of our Partner Agencies are:

• Dream Builders Group-$5,000

• Child Care Choices-$4,000

• We Care Arts-$2,000

• Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library-$3,500

• Tipp Monroe Community Relief-$2,500

• New Path-$9,000

• Needy Baskets-$7,500

• Rides to Work-$4,000

• Emergency Shelter and Homelessness-$6,000

• Meals on Wheels-$2,600

• Family Abuse Shelter-7,000

• Health Partners Free Clinic-$10,000

• Dental Clinic-$5,500

• Well Child Clinic & Prenatal-$4,000

• New Creations Counseling-$4,000

• Recovery Council-$3,000

• Rehabilitation Center for Neurological-$4,000

• Hospice-$3,200

• Miami County YMCA-$1,500

With requests from partner agencies coming in versus the amount available to fund their programs, the inevitable shortfall meant both a literal and proverbial give-and-take occurred, requiring board members to be as objective as possible. They had to be open-minded when examining issues and programs from different perspectives while contemplating service gaps and financial responsibilities.

The United Way wishes they could do more and are working to meet or exceed next year’s goal.

For more information on how you can support your community through the Tipp City Area United Way, please contact the office at (937) 669-FUND (3863) or send donations to Deborah Carr, Tipp City Area United Way, P. O. Box 95, Tipp City, OH 45371. Check out their website at www.tippcityauw.org.