Rotarians learn about ‘Grandparent Revolution’

TROY — Today’s highly mobile society has led to a shift away from the traditional nuclear family where several generations lived with, or near, one another. That family model helped shape the futures of the younger generations by virtual of the fact that grandparents were readily available to be more involved in the day-to-day lives of their grandchildren, something that is rare in today’s family unit. Troy Rotarians hosted Mike Nygren to learn more about his newest venture, The Grandparent Revolution, at their weekly meeting on May 17.

Nygren has been a teacher, coach, youth leader and mentor for more than 45 years. He operated the Idea Factory in Troy, along with many other after school programs for area students. His newest venture, The Grandparent Revolution, is an initiative working with one of the largest untapped resources to reach children — grandparents. He sees an opportunity to fill a void left by today’s busy society that diverts parents’ attention away from their children because of the need to earn a living to support the family. Nygren’s revolution encourages grandparents to have an active participation in the lives of their grandchildren.

While growing up in New York and New Jersey, Nygren’s own grandmother taught him the value of hard work, financial gain and the importance of an optimistic approach and attitude. She taught him respect, self-worth, and that he had abilities to further himself by going to college and making something of himself. To put it differently, Nygren’s grandmother convinced him to believe in himself and achieve his full potential. It’s based on her influence and example that he’s created the vision for The Grandparent Revolution. With today’s challenging issues, children need as many positive role models as possible to build self-esteem, pride, respect for others and to learn how to set goals they can achieve. Nygren advocates that the untapped resources of grandparents can be a very powerful and positive force to help keep children on the path to success and away from distractions. For more information, visit

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