Beyond the badge: local law enforcement honored

Officers recognized for efforts beyond the call of duty in 2015

By Melanie Yingst -

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County’s local law enforcement officials took time out of their daily service to recognize their staff and officers for a job well done in 2015 during the second annual Miami County Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony at Troy High School Wednesday night.

“There’s nothing more gratifying that recognizing the very hard and dangerous job that all of our law enforcement does in Miami County. While we are honoring some tonight, they all deserve to be honored because there’s a lot of things they do day in and day out,” said Chief Deputy Dave Duchak on behalf of Sheriff Charles Cox.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Piqua Post Lt. Joe Gebhart said he was proud of not only of his patrolmen and women, but he was proud of all the work all local law enforcement officers and staff do on a daily basis.

“There’s a lot of criticism and stuff going on about law enforcement and it doesn’t take very long to see the great work that is being done in Miami County,” Lt. Gebhart said. “As a fellow law enforcement officer and a resident of Miami County, thank you very much.”

Chiefs and department leaders recognized officers and staff members who went above and beyond their call of duty throughout the previous year.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office tapped Deputy Shaun Shell as 2015 Deputy of the Year. Miami County Sheriff’s Office corrections department named Kelly Mayer as Corrections Office of the Year.

Miami County Communication Center director Jeff Busch presented Carmajo Burghardt as employee of the year.

Covington Police Department Chief Lee Harmon presented Patrolman Steve Blei as Officer of the Year and Distinguished Service Award and Patrolman Robert A. Novelino with the department’s Distinguished Service Award.

West Milton Police Department’s Chief Harry Busse presented Officer Todd Daley and Officer Jason Stevens as the 2015 Officers of the Year.

Tipp City Police Department’s Chief Eric Burris presented Officer Darren Soutar with the 2015 Officer of the Year award.

Piqua Police Department’s Chief Bruce Jamison presented Officer Sean Stein as 2015 Officer of the Year and presented Officer Jeremy Weber with the Robert C. Taylor Investigative Excellence Award.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Joe Gebhart presented Trooper Russ Davis as the 2015 Trooper of the Year and Ashley Thomas as Dispatcher of the Year.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office Awards: Deputy Warren Edmondson, Life Saving Award;Deputy Sarah Fraley, Life Saving Award; Deputy Jeremy Adams, Life Saving Award; Deputy Phil Osting, Life Saving Award; Deputy Parrish Brazel, Life Saving Award (2); Lieutenant Dave Norman, Certificate of Merit; Sergeant Chris Bobb, Certificate of Merit; Deputy Nate Boyer, Certificate of Merit; Deputy Parrish Brazel, Certificate of Merit; Deputy Warren Edmondson, Certificate of Merit; Deputy Ethan Ennist, Certificate of Merit; Deputy Travis Lowry, Certificate of Merit; Deputy Roger Davidson, Individual Commendation; Deputy Tim Moore, Individual Commendation; Sergeant Todd Tennant, Individual Commendation; Deputy Phil Osting, Individual Commendation; Deputy Ethan Ennist, Individual Commendation; Deputy Sarah Fraley, Individual Commendation; Det. Sergeant Jason Moore, Individual Commendation; Detective Ben Garbig, Individual Commendation; Detective Steve Hickey, Individual Commendation; Detective James Wysong, Individual Commendation; Detective Brad Kline, Individual Commendation and Major Steve Lord, Individual Commendation.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Department Awards: Lieutenant Nate Collett, Office Citation; Corrections Officer Pat Cline, Retirement, 20 years of service.

Troy Police Department Awards: Captain Joseph Long, Distinguished Service Award; Captain Jeffrey Kunkleman, Distinguished Service Award; Sergeant Joe Stutz, Distinguished Service Award; Detective Christopher Baker, Distinguished Service Award; Patrolman Brandon Fellers, Distinguished Service Award; Patrolman Scott Gates, Distinguished Service Award; and Patrolman John Marshall, Distinguished Service Award.

Miami County FOP Lodge 58: Honor Guard — Chris Baker, Troy PD; Shawn McKinney, Troy PD; Adam Simpson, Troy PD; Dave Thomas, Piqua PD; Marc Basye, Tipp City PD; Corey Rismiller, Tipp City PD; Darren Soutar, Tipp City PD; Adam Grubb, Tipp City PD; Scott Connor, Tipp City PD; Todd Tennant, Sheriff’s Office; Travis Lowry, Sheriff’s Office Ross Grove, West Milton PD. Special recognition: Janna Penfield; William Lance Ray; Jeremy Weber; Kat Thomas; Jack Hoekstra; Doug Kirk; and Dan Rittenhouse.

Officers recognized for efforts beyond the call of duty in 2015

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews