Council appoints members

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — At their meeting Tuesday night, the West Milton Council appointed a council member to fill an empty seat.

After an executive session at the beginning of the meeting, council appointed previous council member Jason Tinnerman.

Tinnerman’s reelection petitions were denied before last year’s election due to insufficient signatures, creating an empty seat on council.

Council thanked both applicants for the position for their willingness to serve the community.

“It was a tough choice to pick between two very good candidates,” councilman Anthony Miller said.

Council appointed the other applicant for the council position, Jason Land, to the Board of Adjustments.

Council also approved a two year contract extension for Law Director Leneé Brosh.

“I would just like to say I’ve appreciated all the counsel you’ve given in previous year and I look forward to working with you going forward,” Mayor Fred Francis told Brosh. “It’s been truly helpful.”

Council also discussed a resolution that was tabled at the last meeting and that will be tabled indefinitely.

The resolution would have extended police and fire services, as well as sanitary sewer services to Mertensia Springs once the campground was opened. According to Francis, the project was rejected by the Miami County Board of Zoning Appeals.

“So that project is pretty well, at this time, dead in the water,” Francis said.

By Cecilia Fox

Reach Cecilia Fox at or at (937) 903-8400.

Reach Cecilia Fox at or at (937) 903-8400.