West Milton Rotary news

For the Weekly Record Herald

WEST MILTON — Daniel Oman, program host, provided his own program for the June 8 West Milton Rotary Club meeting. Daniel spoke on “Drone Technology,” a hobby and interest of his.

He stated that the term “drone” is more of a military term, meaning unmanned aircraft. Daniel brought a small type of drone, called a quadcopter, the DJI Phantom 2. He explained how the built in GPS controls different aspects of proper use of the quadcopter, such as it can’t fly within 5 miles of an airport, or higher than 500 feet. If the battery gets below 30% it will begin flying back to the owner with the controls.

Daniel explained some of the practical uses of this type of drone used by private owners or small businesses and local law enforcement. It can be used for search and rescue, law enforcement, agriculture, free-lance photography and other uses. He mentioned that there are new regulations being formed to provide consistent use without interfering with others.

There is a local club who fly their “drones” at WACO in Troy. FAA guidelines restrict payment for their services — either payment or trade. They are not allowed to go faster than 100 mph. They can weigh less than 55 lb. but a maximum of 500 lb. You are not allowed to hover over sporting events, fly near airports or fly into the White House (the recent incident was by this same type of drone).

Daniel shared information on several other types of small drones and then answered questions from the Rotarians. After the program, he gave a demonstration outside in the parking lot.