Village addresses flooding concerns

Manager asks residents for help keeping sewers clear

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — West Milton Municipal Manager Matt Kline addressed the issue of flooding after recent rains and asked residents for their help keeping storm sewers and catch basins clear.

“We’ve had our second near 100-year rain in the last six months, those things are only supposed to happen once every hundred years. They seem to be a lot more common now, unfortunately. This one was a little out of the ordinary,” he said.

Kline said the village received 2 inches of rain in less than two hours and just under 4 inches of rain on Feb. 7, which caused some flooding on South Miami Street.

Kline said that the flooding was caused by heavy rain on saturated, frozen ground and that storm sewers were running at 100 percent capacity.

“We hope we never have a rain like that again,” Kline said. He credited staff with making sure the sewers continued to function properly.

Kline offered some suggestions for residents to help the village keep the storm sewers clear.

He asked residents not to blow grass clippings into the street when they mow their lawns, which can find their way into the storm sewers and cause damming. He reminded residents to rake leaves to the curb, not into the street, because there were a lot of leaves clogging up the catch basins.

He also asked residents to keep an eye out for newspapers in the street and to be more careful throwing out garbage. Kline said village road crews pulled egg cartons, milk jugs and newspapers out of catch basins.

“If you do the simple little things, then we’re helping each other,” Kline said.

Manager asks residents for help keeping sewers clear

By Cecilia Fox

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