Council OKS fire truck purchase

New officer sworn in

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — At their meeting Tuesday night, the West Milton Council approved the purchase of a new fire truck and improvements to the east end of Lowry Drive, and welcomed a new police officer.

During the meeting, the village’s newest police officer, Kevin Wright, was sworn in.

Wright, a native of Covington, is a Navy veteran who served as a weapons specialist on two submarines. The husband and father of four began his career in law enforcement in 2016 in Covington.

“I’m excited to provide my services here to the folks of West Milton,” Wright said.

Council welcomed Wright to the community.

“We appreciate you coming to West Milton and look forward to seeing you around town,” Mayor Anthony Miller said.

To replace a 29-year-old fire truck, council approved the purchase of a 2009 Pierce fire truck from Texas Fire Trucks Ltd.

Earlier this year, the village secured a $200,000, 10-year loan for the purchase of a truck. In their search for a used truck, fire department personnel flew to Dallas, Texas, to check out the 2009 truck and verify its condition.

Fire Chief Denny Frantz told council Tuesday night that the truck would be a “great asset for West Milton.” He added that the truck should be released and delivered soon.

The 1989 truck that will be replaced has a lot of mechanical issues, Frantz said.

“It’s seen better days,” he said.

Council also authorized the sale of the 1989 Grumman Aerial that the 2009 truck will be replacing.

Municipal Manager Matt Kline said a new truck can cost upwards of a million dollars.

“In layman’s terms, this is like a certified pre-owned truck. It’s all guaranteed, it’s good. Villages of our size, this is what we do to save money but also to be able to provide fire services,” Kline said.

Council also voted to repave a portion of Lowry Drive and awarded a contract for the work in the amount of $30,620.

The east of the street has experienced flooding and icy conditions in the winter. Now that the addition of a storm sewer line to remove excess water has been completed, crews will remove the existing asphalt and repave.

Council also voted to amend the village’s appropriation ordinances, including the purchase of the fire truck and the $30,000 for the Lowry Drive project. Other amendments include the future pump station construction for the Stillwater Crossings development.

Kline also briefly updated council on the Stillwater Crossings development. He told council that he’s had a series of meeting with developers that have “all been very positive.” Kline said plans for a medical facility in the development are still underway.

“They did not sign today, but they have agreed,” Kline said Tuesday.

Council also approved the purchase of 155 new fittings for the fire department at a cost of $19,999. The fittings make it easier for the department to hook up hoses to fire hydrants by standardizing the size of the connections, Kline said. There are hydrants of varying sizes throughout the village.

Council voted to approve an ordinance rezoning approximately 1.25 acres of land at the corner of South Miami Street and Frederick-Garland from agricultural to single family. The new owners of the property intend to build a single-family home on the property.

Planning board recommended the approval of the zoning changes to council.

New officer sworn in

By Cecilia Fox

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