Real Estate Transactions


Estate of Jean West to James Patton, one lot, $0.

Trisha Studebaker, Walter Studebaker to Trisha Studebaker, Walter Studebaker, one lot, $0.

Chris Hunter, Julia Hunter to Chris Hunter, Julia Hunter, one lot, $0.

Deloris Hicks Trust, Deloris Hicks, trustee to Deloris Hicks, two lots, $0.

Robert Koverman, Ruth Koverman to R & T Rentals LLC, one lot, $0.

Marsha Merritt, Stephen Merritt to Dana Cosby, Ronald Cosby, one lot, $190,000.

Anna Josefosky, Nicholas Josefovsky to Gloria Cornish, three lots, $86,000.

Vickie Jean Almeida, attorney in fact, Mary Amsdell, Valentine Hemm to Shirley Sternberg, one lot< $226,000.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Richard Ryan to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., two part lots, $38,000.

Estate of Joan Mcafee to Gerald McAfee, Scott McAfee, one lot, $0.

Kyle Fincel, attorney in fact, Leslie Fincel, Robert Fincel, Shirley Fincel to JTL properties of Miami County, one lot, $114,900.

Castle 2016 LLC to DLM Real Property LLC, one lot, $29,900.

Melissa Polley, William Polley to Megan Peltier, Spencer Peltier, one lot, $134,000.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Loise McPherson to Park National Bank, Unity National Bank, one lot, $40,000.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Diana Christy, a.k.a Diana Jenkins to Park National Bank, Unity National Bank, $24,000.


Janice Thompson to Colleen Zunk, Wade Zunk, one lot, $132,000.


Rosewood Creek LLC to Bruns Construction Enterprises, one lot, $61,900.

Janice Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence to Matthew Lovelace, Nicole Lovelace, two lots, $330,000.

Lindsay Hefner to Brandon Baker, two lots, $80,000.

John Roberts to Lisa Santucci, one lot, $0.

Eva Brownlee, Scott Brownlee to Scott Brownlee, trustee, Brownlee Family Trust, one lot, $0.

Brian Taylor to Christopher Braselton, one lot, $195,000.

Patricia Chappell, Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox to Federal National Mortgage Association, $0.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Jolene Wirt, Thomas Wirt to HSBC Mortgage Servicing Inc., two lots, $49,334.


NVR Inc. to Brice Gharst, Karen Gharst, two lots, $274,200.

Colby Cook to Brian Avey, Charlotte Avey, two lots, $176,000.


Bonnie Martino to Delena Schultz, one lot, $67,800.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Rick Miller to Huntington National Bank, one lot, $50,806.12.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Rick Miller to Huntington National Bank, one lot, $12,334.


Amy Andrews, Thomas Andrews to Brent Russell, 0.717 acres, $136,000.


Patricia Hunley, a.k.a. Patricia Starnes to Sonny Hunley, one lot, $0.

Charles Miller, Cheryl Miller to Mill-Properties Inc., 0.321 acres, $65,000.

Justin Hall, Katherine Hall to Julie Henne, two lots, $257,500.

Patricia Harshbarger to Matthew Bayman, Rebecca Bayman, one lot, $133,000.


Miami County Sheriff’s Office Charles Cox, Keith Ingram to U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, Residential Asset Securities Corp., 5.001 acres, $96,700.


Jennifer Renner to Rita Meyer, one lot, $178,000.