Good communities have good schools

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to encourage all Tipp City residents to vote for the upcoming levy on May 2nd. Good communities start by having a good school system and I believe that Tipp City is one of those communities.

My wife and I are both proud graduates of Tippecanoe High School and chose to stay in the school district to raise children. My oldest son graduated from Tippecanoe in 2009, played sports and had a great school experience. He then went on to get a college education with no real academic struggle due, in part, to Tipp’s high academic standards. My youngest son will graduate from Tipp in 2019. He also thrives academically and is enjoying involvement in the fall plays and spring musicals. This is an example of how Tippecanoe schools excels in academics as well as providing an opportunity for all kids to be involved in extracurricular activities.

On May 2, the school will be asking the voters for a renewal levy, this should not be mistaken with any other talks of what the schools would like or wish to have, this is just a renewal for their operating budget and it will not increase taxes. It’s renewing something that we have already had, but needs continued.

Let’s continue to be one of those great communities. We need all alum, those of you who’ve had your children pass through our school system, and those of you that currently have children in our schools to get out and vote YES May 2.

— Dave Hottle

Tipp City