Dayton man changes plea

Gomez fled to L.A. after robbery attempt

By Melanie Yingst -



MIAMI COUNTY — The fourth co-defendant in a Tipp City drug robbery case entered a change of plea in Miami County Common Plea Court on Wednesday.

Carlos Gomez, 23, of Dayton, entered a plea of guilty and was arraigned on a bill of information for third degree felony robbery in joint plea agreement with the state. The state agreed to remain silent during sentencing in exchange for the guilty plea. Gomez was originally indicted by a grand jury on a first degree felony aggravated robbery charge. That charge was dropped in the plea agreement.

Gomez could spend up to three years in prison. He also will spend a mandatory three years on post-release control upon his release from prison.

Gomez is not a U.S. citizen. Visiting Judge William Wolff Jr. explained how his guilty plea could affect his future naturalization or he could face deportation. Judge Wolff ordered Gomez to complete a pre-sentence investigation and set his sentencing date for Oct. 31.

Gomez was one of four co-defendants to rob another man at a Tipp City residence for stolen drugs from another co-defendant last November. The ring leader of the robbery, Benjamin Danon, was sentenced to serve six years in prison.

Gomez was extradited by Miami County Sheriff’s Office deputies after his arrest in Los Angeles this summer. Two deputies served Gomez with the warrant and flew him back to the Miami County Jail in August. The total cost for the flight for two deputies to fly to Los Angeles, one overnight stay and to fly Gomez to Ohio was $1,737.78, according to the sheriff’s office.

He remains incarcerated on $100,000 bond.

Gomez fled to L.A. after robbery attempt

By Melanie Yingst


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